Welcome to Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, owned and operated by the Bacchini family since 1945. We want you to have a great time when you visit our farm to pick and purchase your favorite fruits. As important, we want you to have confidence that your time spent with us will be safe for you and your family. This guide is provided to help you prepare for your outing, to enter and exit our farm, and to enjoy yourself safely. 

We have changed requirements and procedures to maximize your safety. First, we want you to feel comfortable. The procedures we have put in place are to eliminate the use of reusable items and minimize contact with other people while you at our farm. All these procedures are consistent with State and County health guidelines. We need your help to make our procedures work for you and your fellow pickers.


  • Bring your face covering! It’s required to enter our orchard. You may also prefer to bring gloves. 
  • Don’t plan to come in a large group. Group gatherings on the farm are prohibited.
  • Don’t bring personal bags, containers, ice chests, or large strollers. They are prohibited.
  • Don’t bring food into the field. Picnics and food consumption will not be allowed. 
  • Bring your credit or debit card. This will minimize the contact you make with our staff during your purchase.
  • If you feel ill or have a temperature, please stay home!


Enter at the North end of our property (By the old blue truck) where you will meet a staff member for instructions.

Pre-Picked Fruit:

  • All our pre-picked fruit is sold at our fruit stand, the yellow and blue building on the corner of Concord Ave. and Walnut Blvd.
  • All fruit will be packaged for you in advance and available to purchase.
  • Please stay in your car and our staff will help you. And remember, you must wear a face covering.
  • Credit and debit cards are preferred to minimize physical interaction between staff and customers. 

U-Pick in the Field:

  • Reservation required for entry to U-Pick orchard. 
  • Be prepared for a short wait while we safely process your entry. We are limiting the number of u-pickers in the field at any one time.
  • While in line, remember to wear your face covering and follow all directions for social distancing.


  • For your safety, we will not be providing reusable items, such as buckets or ladders. 
  • As you enter, you may purchase one or more of various sized boxes for picking and to take home. (small, medium, large) Each box is priced in accordance with the amount the box will hold. We have not raised the price of our fruit from last year. So, all you need to do is fill up the box or boxes and exit when you are through picking. Of course, you may purchase additional boxes as you may need.
  • If you touch a piece of fruit, you must pick it and take it (for safety reasons).
  • We ask that you are mindful of other pickers. We are reducing the number of pickers in the field so that everyone can successfully practice social distancing. Families with children should always keep them with them. And don’t forget you must wear a face covering.
  • Our staff (we all wear blue shirts) is available throughout your experience. Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance to locate fruit or help you with whatever you may need.


  • You don’t need to check out as you leave the field. Please let staff know if you need help to transport fruit to your car. 
  • Please exit the parking lot on the south side.
  • Be aware of traffic in and around our farm. Our lot is adjacent to a busy intersection. 
  • We wish you a pleasant drive home. When you get there, make sure you wash all your fruit before you eat it.


Thank you for choosing Bacchini’s Fruit Tree!

Covid-19 Farm Procedures

We, at Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, know that we are blessed with extraordinary support from our customers. Together, we share a love of the harvest experience. It is a joy for us to watch loyal customers return to our farm year after year to pick and purchase their favorite fruits.

The COVID 19 pandemic presents challenges to all of us. Our mission is to continue to provide the best product and experience to our customers and to do so in the safest possible manner. To fulfill this mission, we have changed our procedures to align with State and County health directives.

Our orchard will require a reservation for U-Pick entry.

There are two ways to select and purchase fruit this year!


Make an appointment for a 1 ½ hour maximum u-pick session in our orchard. Only a limited number of u-pickers will be admitted during each session.

Availability of reservations/appointments are are posted on our website after 7pm for the following day only.


Select and purchase Pre-Picked fresh fruit and other items in our new drive-thru lanes.  You don’t even need to leave your car!

We have also made other changes to maximize the quality of your visit.  Before you come, please review the Bacchini’s Fruit Tree U-Pick Safety Guide. It lays out what you need to know to prepare for your visit, the requirements for entering and purchasing, and the changes in procedures while you are at our farm.
Thank you for choosing Bacchini’s Fruit Tree!

Click Here For U-Pick Safety Guide