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Raw honey direct from the hives of the bees that pollinate our fruit blossoms in the spring.

No additives. 100% natural

Do not give to people under 12 Months of age.

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Covid-19 New Farm Procedures

We, at Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, know that we are blessed with extraordinary support from our customers. Together, we share a love of the harvest experience. It is a joy for us to watch loyal customers return to our farm year after year to pick and purchase their favorite fruits.

The COVID 19 pandemic presents challenges to all of us. Our mission this year is to continue to provide the best product and experience to our customers and to do so in the safest possible manner. To fulfill this mission, we have changed our procedures to align with State and County health directives.

This year our orchard will require a reservation for U-Picking.

There are three ways to select and purchase fruit this year!


Make an appointment for a 1 ½ hour maximum u-pick session in our orchard. Only a limited number of u-pickers will be admitted during each session.


Select and purchase Pre-Picked fresh fruit and other items in our new drive-thru lane.  You don’t even need to leave your car!


At certain times you may purchase fruit directly from our website.  A special Curbside Online drive-thru lane will available to you to pick up your fruit with a minimum of wait time.

We have also made other changes to maximize the quality of your visit.  Before you come, please review the Bacchini’s Fruit Tree U-Pick Safety Guide. It lays out what you need to know to prepare for your visit, the requirements for entering and purchasing, and the changes in procedures while you are at our farm.
Thank you for choosing Bacchini’s Fruit Tree!

Click Here For U-Pick Safety Guide