Make a reservation to enter our orchard for U-Pick. Dates and Times will show available after 8pm the evening before only and on the same day of picking based on fruit availability. IMPORTANT: PAY ATTENTION TO DATE AND TIME. Depending on demand, there might be tix available on the same day. (You are unable to buy tix more than one day in advance)

You will need to purchase one ticket per person (toddlers excluded). If you are old enough to walk and pick you need to get a ticket.

The price of the $5 ticket will be redeemed towards your purchase in the U-Pick orchard. No cash back. No refunds for No-Shows.

We suggest you limit your picking time to 1 1/2 hours in order to allow more guests to enter.

Get U-Pick Reservations/Appointments!

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We, at Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, know that we are blessed with extraordinary support from our customers. Together, we share a love of the harvest experience. It is a joy for us to watch loyal customers return to our farm year after year to pick and purchase their favorite fruits.

Our orchard will require a reservation for U-Pick entry.


Make an appointment for a 1 ½ hour u-pick session in our orchard. Only a limited number of u-pickers will be admitted during each session.

Availability of reservations/appointments are posted on our website after 8pm for the following day only.

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