Welcome to Bacchini's Fruit Tree in Brentwood



Helpful Tips

The U-Pick experience is unique to our area. Please respect us and the fact that we make a living by the sale of our produce. The Bacchini family recommends that you follow our simple tips to ensure a pleasurable visit.


v     U-Pick Guidelines

o       No climbing or damaging trees.

o       Children are not allowed on ladders.

o       You must buy what you pick.

o       Check produce for ripeness before picking it.

o       Do not throw fruit.

o       Please do not litter. Be prepared to take your garbage when you leave.

o       Do not sit or stand on buckets (they are plastic and you could be injured if they break).

v     Traffic Awareness & Safety

o       Watch for traffic and pedestrians when pulling into and out of farm.

o       If you are unsure of your destination:

§         Pull off the road in a safe location and re-check your map.

§         Stop into any of the growers’ stands and simply ask for directions.

o       Do not make illegal U-turns.

o       Be cautious of approaching traffic that may be exceeding the speed limit! (This does happen, unfortunately)

o       Remember that all traffic laws are strictly enforced by the California Highway Patrol and the City of Brentwood Police Department.

v     Comfort & Enjoyment

o       Carpooling saves time and gas.

o       Check for availability of produce by checking our website before leaving home at www.brentwoodfruit.com.

o       Come in the morning–it’s cooler.

o       Wear comfortable clothing and sensible shoes.

o       Bring a box or container to take your produce home.

o       Don't forget to wear sunscreen or some form of skin protection.

o       Buy enough produce to share with friends & neighbors.



Thank You,